Lukáš Čech - Digital Analytics Heavy Lifter

"I work hard to squeeze the most from your online activities."

Professional Skills

(level: Master)
  "tactics": [{
    "name": "Clickstream Analysis",
    "tools": ["Adobe Analytics", "Google Analytics", "WebTrekk", "Piwik"]
  }, {
    "name": "Tag Management",
    "tools": ["Adobe Dynamic Tag Management", "Google Tag Manager", "Tealium"]
(level: Advanced)
  "fields": [{
    "name": "Digital Media",
    "tactics": ["Ad Serving", "Search Engine Marketing", "Search Engine Optimization", "Remarketing", "Mobile Marketing"]
  }, {
    "name": "Customer Relationship Management",
    "tactics": ["Segmentation", "Communication Automation"]
  }, {
    "name": "Audience & Profile Management",
    "tactics": ["Client ID Management", "Cross-device Stitching", "Look-a-like Modelling"]
  }, {
    "name": "Experience Management",
    "tactics": ["Variant Testing", "Personalization", "Application Development"]
(level: Proficient)
  "languages": [
    {"name": "JavaScript", "level": "Proficient"},
    {"name": "PHP", "level": "Intermediate"},
    {"name": "HTML", "level": "Proficient"},
    {"name": "CSS", "level": "Skilled"},
    {"name": "SQL", "level": "Rookie"}
  "environments": [
    {"name": "NodeJS", "level": "Beginner"},
    {"name": "Firebase", "level": "Beginner"}
  "tools": ["VSCode", "Apache", "CakePHP", "NPM", "GitHub", "Vue.js", "PhantomJS", "CasperJS", "Selenium", "Gulp", "jQuery", "Charles Proxy"]

Personal Interests

  {"name": "Bicycling", "style": "Mountain", "frequency": "regular"},
  {"name": "Snowboarding", "style": "Freeride", "frequency": "seasonal"},
  {"name": "Swimming", "frequency": "occasional"},
  {"name": "Hiking", "frequency": "occasional"},
  {"name": "Canoing", "frequency": "occasional"}
  "genres": ["Jazz", "Funk", "R&B", "Reggae", "Breakbeat", "Electro"]

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